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Child care Den Haag Piccolini – Welcome to internationals

Day care Piccolini offers two childcare centers in The Hague. One of our child care locations is called ‘Nature’ and is based in The Hague near Voorburg. The other location ‘Home’ is located in Rijswijk. Both centers offer a nice and safe environment for children to play with others and develop themselves.

We spend a lot of attention on green and biological living because we care about the planet and the health of your child. Also our workvision is focused on personal attention for the kids while letting them explore and learn by themselves and within different relationships.

To make sure international kids feel welcome and at home in our day care, we also offer a bilingual program. We think it’s important for children to develop their language skills to give them a headstart with learning the English language because it also helps them develop their brains. Also, the English language is very big and important these days and will become even more important in the future. Especially in The Hague, there are a lot of international children and we think it’s essential to make sure they feel at home and let other kids communicate and play with them.

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Bilingual day care

With our bilingual program we welcome international children with great pleasure to our day care. This way parents don’t have to arrange an au pair and the kids get the opportunity to make friends. It also helps with integrating into the Dutch school system because the kids will get familiar with the Dutch language while being able to communicate in English. As a result, your kid will feel more comfortable in primary school or pre school.

The bilingual program consists of fun and educational activities where we integrate the theme of the month. There are several activities we do for a few hours a day, inside and outside, where we use different elements like music, dance, cooking and arts & crafts. We make sure that these activities are fun and we definitely don’t force the kids to speak a certain language or let them do activities they dislike. By doing this, the process of learning the language will feel like a fun and non-compulsory experience.

The green and biological lifestyle of our child care

Our child day care outstands itself by really focusing on a green and biological way of living. We integrate natural elements like wood and grass in our day care facilities and playground elements. This way, the children will get familiar with nature and it gives them the opportunity to explore. In line with this, we also have some cute animals like chickens and bunnies which the children can nurse and pet.

Another way in which we integrate the green and biological lifestyle is by letting the children take care of our vegetable garden. We grow different vegetables which we also use in the cooking activities. This way the children get to know the growing process of all sorts of vegetables.

The food we prepare for the children is fully biological because we believe that it is profitable for both the environment and the health of your child. Adding to that, we give personal attention to each child for their meals based on age and we make sure that the meals and snacks are varied and healthy.

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Day care Den Haag

Many dutch day care centers in The Netherlands have long waiting lists, especially for international children. We try to make sure that our waiting lists for spots are as short as possible, so we can welcome as many children aged 0-4 years old as possible.

In our child care center we welcome children from 8.00 AM to 6.00 PM as a standard timeframe. If it’s preferable for you and your child to come earlier or stay longer, is that totally possible as well! Check our registration and rates for the specific rates. If you would like to take a look at our day care or got interested in our childcare facilities, feel free to contact us! You can also contact us through our email or phone number if you have any questions.

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